The Tutorial in EMNLP 2017

A Unified Framework for Structured Prediction: From Theory to Practice

  • Shares a new, unified view of various structured prediction models.
  • Presents a structured prediction framework that is capable of modeling structures
    that standard Graphical Models cannot.
  • Provides a way to rapidly prototype novel structured prediction models for new tasks.


The StatNLP framework is a unified framework designed
for the purpose of fast prototyping of different machine
learning and structured prediction algorithms.

StatNLP framework

StatNLP focuses on the development of novel
and efficient algorithms for solving text and
language processing problems
in machine learning.

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What’s StatNLP

Welcome to StatNLP, the NLP and Big Data Research Group in the ISTD pillar at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. Researchers in StatNLP focus on solving novel research problems in the NLP, machine learning and big data that may surpass traditional boundaries of data science technology.

The StatNLP was created in 2014. Currently, it is led by Prof Lu Wei, consisting of several graduate students and researchers. The group subscribes to the design spirit of SUTD.

Nevertheless, in a short period of time since its inception, the group has built a successful track record of publishing in the top ranked conferences. Members of StatNLP also collaborate with external organizations such as DSO National Laboratory.

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